A comparison between a Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation and a Hearing Screening

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation Hearing Screening
Otoscopic Inspection of the ear canal and eardrum
Acoustic reflex testing
Pure tone air conduction thresholds
Pure tone bone conduction thresholds
Speech Reception Thresholds
Word Recognition Scores
Tinnitus Evaluation if necessary
Eustachian Tube function testing if necessary
Discussion of the results and options
Professional report to your physician or other of your choice
Information Gained
Type of hearing loss
Degree and pattern of hearing loss
For further information or to adequately address the hearing loss, further testing would be necessary
Probable cause(s) of the hearing loss
Status of middle and inner ear function
Status of eardrum and eustachian tube function
Likelihood of success with amplification or other treatment
Whether medical intervention would be of benefit