The decision to get your hearing evaluated and purchase hearing aids is a large one with a significant impact on your communication for the next several years. What is at stake is your ability to connect and maintain relationships with the people important to you like family, friends, and co-workers. When you purchase and are first fit with hearing instruments, you are only beginning a journey of adjustment and learning that will improve over the months to give you the optimum communication available to you, but that requires a good working relationship with your audiologist or hearing instrument practitioner, since you will need adjustments and support as you learn to hear and interpret all the sounds you’ve been missing over the years your hearing loss developed. This level of hearing healthcare cannot be provided over the internet or at a long distance where contact with your provider is limited. It does not make good sense to invest in hearing instruments, but not in the process by which you will benefit the most from them. You should find a professional with whom you are comfortable, and in whom you have confidence at the beginning of your journey to better hearing.