When you purchase a hearing aid from Prince George Hearing Centre, our services are included free of charge for the life of the hearing aid. That means there is never a charge for any in-house adjustments or services, including re-testing your hearing and adjusting the program in your hearing aids as needed. You also receive a three-year warranty on the hearing aids, and a two-year loss and damage policy with a minimal deductible to give you peace of mind. We believe that with regular care your hearing aids should provide good improvement in your hearing for a number of years after your initial investment. We are always happy to see you and want you to drop by if you ever need your hearing instrument checked or cleaned.

A hearing instrument fitting is a very personalized process, and takes into account the type and degree of an individual’s hearing loss as well as their age and how long the hearing loss has been present. Just as importantly, the process accounts for an individual’s needs, wants, lifestyle, and specific situations in which they want to hear better. We take the time to listen to you and custom tailor a hearing solution for your needs.

We sell and service a number of hearing aid brands at competitive prices. For more information on these different brands, as well as other useful information, go to our Links page. Below is a sample of the looks, both on and off your ears, of common current hearing aid shapes and sizes. You may be able to choose the look you prefer, depending on your hearing loss. The cost will vary based on what technology will provide the best match for your hearing needs, not necessarily the style of hearing aid chosen.

hearing aids
hearing aids


When it comes to your sense of hearing, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Did you know that prolonged exposure to loud sounds is the #2 general cause and the #1 preventable cause of permanent hearing loss?

We offer a variety of custom earplugs to protect your ears and your hearing, including maximum noise protection plugs for work, hunting or other noisy activities, soft sleeper plugs to help you get a sound night’s sleep, swim plugs for those who need to keep water out of their ears, and musician’s plugs that protect your hearing while at the same time letting you hear music and voices. We also have specialty earmolds for cellphones, iPods, work radios, etc. Contact us for more information.

ear plugs


Assistive Listening Devices are an array of devices to make hearing easier in specific situations such as when listening to the TV, using the telephone, or listening in a public place such as churches, meetings, or classes. There are also devices to alert a hearing impaired individual to certain sounds such as smoke alarms, alarm clocks, which are particularly useful at night when hearing aids are normally not worn. This can add to your sense of safety and well-being. There are many options available, so contact us to discuss your specific needs.


We carry numerous products related to hearing aid use such as products to reduce itching in the ears, products to lubricate the ears to ease insertion of hearing aids, as well as products to store hearing aids and remove moisture from them.

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